Rumours: Kidrobot Mascot 21

Since nothing is confirmed and i don't think that Kidrobot will do this....i will keep this article in the section rumours,

Recently i heard that the new Mascot will be launched with a chase and that it will be a superhero. I personally have my doubts about this fact, since we already have a superhero with Kidrobot Mascot 12 American Deluxe.

Nontheless it will be a great idea to try it again with a superhero, although i would love to see the steampunk design from Huck Gee.I am quite sure that people don't mind to pay double for this design.

Steampunk design by Huck Gee
I also heard that there is no specific artist, who will make this new Mascot....it seems that Kidrobot brings a homemade Mascot from their own designers.

Launch will be probably quarter 4 from this year....so i reckon it will be a nice Christmas present!

When this rumours are right than I would not be surprised, that we see also some Mascots in the future who are based on their latest Bots series.

How cool would it be when this one will be launched....

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  1. Sket ones american deluxe is not a superhero. it is based on an american daredevil like evel knievel.